ANIMA International Webinar Series | EXPERIENCE SHARING : Which agricultural entrepreneurs for sustainable food autonomy in Africa ?

29 September 2022 at 9am GMT+0

At a time of conflict in Ukraine and its consequences on food export prices, the issues of food security and agricultural dependence are gaining ground as a political, economic, social and environmental issue. This is especially true in certain regions that suffer particularly from the economic consequences of the lack of supply, as is the case for Africa, the Middle East and Asia, which import 50% of Ukrainian wheat.

Thus, in these regions, public policies are being redesigned. In Africa, the promise of the member states of the African Union to devote 10% of their national budgets seems more necessary than ever. By focusing on this area, the continent could take advantage of its wide variety of agro-ecological zones, which are both an asset and a challenge. Beyond public policies, some solutions could come from innovation and entrepreneurship, notably with local businesses that have a desire for social impact while attracting targeted investments.

The role to be played by African entrepreneurs in this field as well as their capacity to ensure sustainable food autonomy will be the issues discussed in this webinar with guests representing competitiveness clusters, incubators and agricultural institutions.



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